FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I enroll my student?

When a parent and/or school personnel are interested in their student attending Acacia Academy, they are invited to schedule a visit. The student may accompany parents and/or school personnel or schedule a visit at another time. School and medical records are sent to Acacia before or presented at the time of the visit to be reviewed. During the visits, a tour of the school is provided and interviews conducted. The Acacia staff determines if Acacia is the right program for the student. This process enables staff to become familiar with the student and their expectations as well as the family. When the student comes to visit, s/he visits with the Acacia staff, is able to meet other Acacia students, and receives a tour of the school and Acacia Nature Center. If a student comes to Acacia Academy with a current Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and a complete, updated case study, the student's educational program is then put into place. If a student does not have a recent IEP and/or complete evaluations, evaluations are completed and a personalized program of instruction is written for the student.

What are the tuition costs?

Acacia Academy is approved for out-of district placement by the Illinois State Board of Education.  In many cases, the school district provides both the tuition and transportation for your student to attend Acacia Academy. Please contact the home school’s Out-of-District Placement Counselor to inquire about placement.  Our current private enrollment tuition is $1,925.00 per month for fall and spring semesters.

What is the Transition Program?

The postsecondary Transition Program (ages 17-22) is for students who have completed their high school requirements and wish to further develop skills in job training, academics, independent living, and life skills while obtaining therapeutic services such as social work counseling, speech therapy and occupational therapy if needed. Students have the opportunity to customize their schedule designed to address personal needs and goals. After completion of the Transition Program, students obtain full time employment, enroll in an additional postsecondary programs such as community colleges, universities, career and technical schools, vocational programs, or day programs for further enrichment. In many cases, the school district provides both the tuition and transportation for your student to attend Acacia’s Transition Program.  Private tuition for Acacia’s Transition Program is currently $1,500.00 per month. 

Do you provide transportation for my student?

If placement is approved by the school district, then the district will provide transportation.  If your student is privately enrolled, the family is responsible for the transportation.

What is your population?

We offer individualized programs for students of all performance levels (ages 6 – 22) including students with specific learning disabilities, giftedness, regular education, autism spectrum, emotional concerns, speech and language, social pragmatics, and challenged learners.

Are you a behavioral school?

We are not a behavioral school.

Do we live too far from Acacia Academy for our student to attend?

Students from all over northern Illinois attend Acacia Academy. It is not uncommon for a student to travel 30-60 minutes to attend our school.

How many students attend Acacia Academy?

We have approximately 40 students in the elementary and 60 students in the high school and Transition Program.