Learning Disability Program for Special Needs Kids

Learning Disability Program

Through the collection of data and diagnosis, the learning disability(s) is identified. Specialized instructional techniques, programs and manipulatives are presented to the student. Hands-on learning, computer programs, field trips, and the use of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and multisensory methods of instruction are implemented as needed.

Teachers work to remediate and further develop skills. Essential academic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, and content subjects are taught utilizing students preferred learning style(s) and strengths while weaknesses are remediated. Weaknesses in the cognitive areas of long term retrieval, short term memory, working memory, processing speed, auditory processing, visual processing, comprehension and knowledge, fluid reasoning and quantitative abilities are remediated and strengthened through the use of specific strategies and techniques designed to minimize, if not eliminate, such weaknesses. Daily help is also available before and after school for students in need. Tests are administered with the necessary accommodations to accommodate learning differences.