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Acacia Academy AdvancEd 5 Year Improvement Plan

Goal 1: Improve the Academic Achievement of all Students

·    Monitor student achievement in order to properly evaluate student levels and provide rigor accordingly

·    Expand the use of data across curriculums in order to obtain a higher level of student success

·    Integrate Understanding by Design and Differentiation in order to incorporate the Common Core State Standards across curricula

·   Implement Standards-Based Grading for more thorough feedback on student achievement

·   Incorporate nature center into curriculum

Goal 2: Improve Communication with Stakeholders

·      Provide parents and districts with information regarding their students on a regular basis

·      Consistently provide all stakeholders information regarding school matters 

·      Use multimedia more broadly for more frequent communication

·      Include Standards Based Grading information with report cards for parents and districts 

Goal 3: Improve Acacia Academy’s Transition Program

·      Expand transition student population (ages 18-22)

·      Increase community awareness of program

·      Increase scope of community involvement

·     Upgrade physical space of program

Definitions & Informational Links

Stakeholders:  Staff, students, parents, community members, and others who have a vested interest in the schools and their system

Standards Based Grading:  Communicates how students are performing on a set of clearly defined learning targets called standards

Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading