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Gifted Instruction and Special Education Program

The gifted and talented students at Acacia Academy and The Achievement Centers, Inc., are presented lessons that encourage divergent, open-ended problem thinking and exploration. Knowing that giftedness manifests itself in multiple areas, this type of instruction is utilized for all areas which include but are not limited to: art, music, computer graphics, reading, written expression, mathematics, sciences, and social studies. Students are assigned tasks to encourage abstract thinking. Creative reading instruction teaches the student to go beyond the printed text and apply their learning in a variety of situations. Students move from the simple to the complex, from the concrete to the abstract, from fewer facets to multi-facets. Students learn research techniques which allow them to become independent thinkers. Personal forms of authorship are developed as they learn to write and publish poetry, fiction, and factual accounts.

In English class, a gifted student may be instructed to rewrite the ending of a famous novel or compare and contrast the styles of both contemporary and classic authors. In mathematics and geometry, a gifted student would master the text book content and apply it to more practical means such as creation of the schools outdoor performance stage, basketball court and outdoor putting green.

Utilization of our Certified Wildlife Nature Center further develops their creative side as well as the availability of a natural setting to assist the student in their explorations and academic assignments. No matter where the students’ area of talent lies, they are continually challenged and guided to utilize their unique gifts.